Lasent was founded in February 1998 as the exclusive importer of the German manufacturer Lampertz GmbH. In the first years the company has also used the trade name Lampertz NL. Lampertz was the manufacturer of the ICT furniture Spectro Data, data safes and modular computer rooms. After Lampertz GmbH was acquired by the Friedhelm Loh Group (Rittal) in 2001, Lasent dropped the name Lampertz NL and continued under its own name. As a result, Lasent was completely independent and thus also able to add other manufactures to the portfolio.

Lasent started off in 1998 in a room inside a multi-company building on the Ampèrestraat in Purmerend. Because of growth we moved to an entire floor on the Component. When grew to large, Lasent moved into its own building at Volume 115. About 18 years after the start of the company, we moved to our current building on volume 132 in Purmerend. Here is a spacious, hypermodern and representative building, with two floors and a large warehouse. In this warehouse, among other things, spare parts and materials are stored ensuring uptime at the computer rooms that Lasent maintains and manages.

It has been estimated that Lasent has been involved in the construction and renovation of some 600 computer rooms or data centers for numerous small, medium to large organizations and companies. Lasent B.V. has always remained in Purmerend, on the industrial estate De Baanstee Oost.