Designing, (re)constructing, or maintaining your datacentre

For over 20 years, Lasent has been designing, developing, and managing computer rooms in a sustainable and cost-saving manner.



Our people understand the importance of data-access for your business like no other. From recommendations on design to the (re)construction, security, and maintenance of your datacentre – Lasent has your back. Lasent ensures that your data is always secure and accessible!



Smart applications using the latest techniques make it possible to substantially reduce both cost and carbon footprint. The Dutch government and the European Union are imposing ever-stricter demands in this respect. By joining you in reviewing energy-efficient measures, we can ensure that your computer room is designed to be future-proof. Moreover, restricting your energy usage can help to ensure that your organisation meets environmental guidelines and performance standards. This way, Lasent assists you and your organisation in the strive for corporate social responsibility.


Constructing a datacentre or computer room?

Here is how Lasent can help:

Together with our associate company Coolair Nederland B.V., Lasent always offers the best and greenest solution for cooling and climate control at the best possible price.

Lasent ensures that the technical infrastructure is used as a central thread in the design from start to finish. Components like data cabling, electrotechnical utilities, cooling and security installations should combine to create efficiently, flexibility, and the right level of availability.

Lasent specialises in the design and the construction of fully outfitted, modular scalable datacentre units. Even for existing buildings we provide the architectural activities needed to create an F60 computer room. Raising computer floors to adjust airflows and/or to house cabling as neatly as possible, or ensuring the fire-safety of cable grommets to secure against fire from within or without are naturally also part of this process.

Lasent offers ready-made, mobile server rooms as well as room-in-room solutions. A mobile server room is a fully outfitted IT container which can be placed at any desired location, and equipped with the necessary hardware. Room-in-room means that any required location can be changed into a separate computer room using pre-made components.

Lasent implements solutions for current distribution and emergency power that minimise the risk of interruption. Depending on wishes and circumstances, Lasent can provide whatever UPS is most suitable for your environment. Emergency power generators (EPGs) can take over all functions normally provided by the mains supply, with no risk to your organisation’s continuity.

Fire risk should be taken extremely seriously. In practice, 25% of all fires are caused by an issue in the server room. Even the best-designed computer rooms and datacentres are, to some degree, susceptible to combustion. In our designs, Lasent always takes into account early fire detection and potential extinguishing using chemical or environmental extinguishing agents.

Lasent offers solutions for raised computer floors that meet your demands and as well as with all security regulations. We ensure that the raised floors not only offer sufficient bearing strength, but that they are grounded and can dissipate static charges. Airflows and degree of perforation are also factors which we consider to be important when designing a raised floor.

Because a computer room is a dynamic locating, its monitoring system should offer a comprehensive view into its condition. It is essential that processes can be steered directly where needed – automatically where possible, manually where required.


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