Project Description

Lasent designs and builds new computer room for ZyLAB



In the first quarter of 2018, Lasent received the order from the international software company ZyLAB for the construction of its new computer room and the construction of a data cabling infrastructure in its new office building in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

The ZyLAB software uses the latest data science techniques to discover specific document categories and to find relevant information in those documents. Multinationals, government agencies, investigative services, courts and law firms use ZyLAB products and services for specific legal services projects and various investigations where truth-finding is important.

Very professional

For the realization of the computer room, a request was made to a number of specialized market parties. After an extensive selection, the Lasent design was chosen. Decisive for choosing Lasent was, according to ZyLAB’s IT director, Mr Ghalid Tairlbahre, the excellent combination of a modern and energy-efficient design and the attention that Lasent also paid to minimal noise pollution and high availability.

“We listened carefully to our questions and it soon became clear to us that we were dealing with a very professional party,” said Ghalid Tairlbahre.

“The award of this great contract is very important to us,” says Bert-Jan Woudenberg, sales and marketing manager at Lasent. “It is in our DNA to work as a knowledge partner with the customer from the start and to work together for the best result. As icing on the cake, ZyLAB has also awarded us a long-term service contract. Of course we cannot get a better appreciation for our efforts! ”

The work will be delivered shortly, after which ZyLAB will move into the new premises at Laarderhoogtweg 25 in Amsterdam-Zuidoost at the start of the second quarter.

About Zylab

ZyLAB has been working closely with companies, law firms, and government agencies for over 30 years to address information, eDiscovery, auditing, M & amp; A, contract review and analysis, and other types of data research challenges.

The ZyLAB software uses the latest techniques from the world of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to facilitate truth finding the typical research dimensions of who, when, where, why, what, how and how much.


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