Project Description

New data centers for large Dutch dairy cooperative


Dutch dairy cooperative

At a large number of the production locations of this dairy cooperative, the IT infrastructure will be completely renewed in the coming years. The aim of this is to make the production process even more efficient, to have access to important process information faster and to increase availability.

A new data center is being built at every location as a basis for the new IT infrastructure. The client has made the choice to treat the implementation as so-called “sprint projects”. This means that after selecting the best design for the location in question, action must be taken quickly. In most cases, the new data center must be live after 8-10 weeks, after which the implementation of the cabling infrastructure and the new IT hardware can be carried out. The total duration of the project is only four to five months. These short lead times in combination with the diversity at the locations ensure that they are always challenging and wonderful projects for Lasent.


Since every production location is different, a great deal of work is done on the creativity of our engineers and project teams. Sometimes a location is assigned indoors, but in some cases complete new construction must take place. Since we have had a great deal of experience in the physical construction of a data center from our early years, we succeed time and again in combining an excellent technical design with a proposal that is also financially attractive.

We have now built new data centers at 2 locations to the full satisfaction of the client. We have now received the award for the next location.


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