The process


Complete peace of mind

Lasent offers clients complete peace of mind. A team of highly experienced specialists supports clients from the initial design to the final completion of the project. But our service does not stop there. Using a well-crafted service and maintenance concepts, we guarantee our clients maximum availability. Where needed, we can even offer 24-hour on-call service.

Our datacentre engineers carry the certifications and are equipped with the competences needed to develop the most-suitable design. In doing so, we always create the optimum combination of functionality and availability, combined with the required levels of redundancy.

At Lasent, we never lose sight of the human side of things. Our employees understand your needs. Our computer rooms and datacentres help create a functional and steady organisation. The optimal computer room does exactly what it is intended to do – ensure uptime.


Our solutions,
your safety net!

Consultancy, tailored projects, datacentres, computer rooms, service and maintenance; we always have a fitting solution, no matter the issue, no matter the challenge.

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