About Lasent



Founded in 1998, Lasent has a long history in terms of the design, implementation, management, and maintenance of computer rooms, datacentres, and technical areas.

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Lasent, the safety net for businesses

For over 20 years, we have provided our clients with round the clock service. Lasent was the first designer and builder of datacentres in the Netherlands – and we are proud of that!

The world is changing, more tools are uploaded to the cloud, and equipment is becoming ever smaller. Yet the important of an optimised computer room with the right degree of availability and redundancy should not be underestimated. We offer companies security, guidance, and continuity. Companies can rely on us, and should be able to do so blindly. Our people and our systems ensure that you never need to worry.


Always a suitable solution

We hold excellent client relationships in the highest regard. Whether it is product supply, upgrading or downgrading an area, or assisting through a service call – we are at our clients’ disposal. Whatever the question, whatever the challenge, we offer a suitable solution. Consultancy, tailored projects, datacentre scans, service and maintenance – we ensure that our clients are left with nothing to worry about.


Our solutions,
your safety net!

Consultancy, tailored projects, datacentres, computer rooms, service and maintenance; we always have a fitting solution, no matter the issue, no matter the challenge.

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