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Our service solutions

Is your computer room maintenance up to standard? Have you ever given serious thought to the consequences of downtime? A Lasent service contract guarantees maximum availability and continuity for your computer room – letting you to do what you do best: your ICT.


Putting your trust in our hands

A properly functioning computer room relies on synergy between the different components. It is important to have someone who understands synergy and who has extensive knowledge of all components. Lasent offers the right knowledge and expertise to maintain your computer room.


Fully tailored service

No two companies are alike – and neither are their service requirements. Lasent supports your business and offers a tailored service agreement. We combine your wishes with our recommendations to form the basis for an excellent collaboration and a reliable computer room.


We specialise in the maintenance of the following components

Computer room air-conditioning

Specialised and professional maintenance of your critical air-conditioning installations contributes to optimised performance and a long lifespan.


Annual battery and UPS system check-ups help to ensure the required uptime in case of voltage drops or power failures.

Fire alarm and extinguishing installations

Regular maintenance is necessary for all your technical installations – including fire alarms and extinguishers. This helps prevent outages and ensures optimum performance.

Emergency power

A mandatory check-up of the fuel tank installations is part of the maintenance of the Generator set conducted by Lasent.

ESD and floor cleaning

Dust or dirt are often the cause of malfunctions in your IT hardware. Regular ESD-safe computer room cleaning ensures a clean and tidy environment and offers a high-impact contribution to the availability of your prized IT infrastructure.


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