Project Description

Lasent is responsible for expansion of the Data Center for the Province of South Holland.


Province of South Holland

The increase in data also means that the Province of South Holland has an additional need for storage equipment. The logical consequence of this is the additional need for rack space and electrical facilities.

The demand for storage capacity is increasing among the majority of companies worldwide. A lot of data is generated by the different departments within companies and government agencies. In addition, there is legislation and regulations that set new requirements for the storage and storage of data. Among other things, this meant that the Province of South Holland required extra rack space and capacity in the short term.

As a designer and builder of computer rooms and data centers, Lasent specializes in this and was the designated party to take care of this for the Province. Together with the client Rainier Maas and his colleagues from the IT and Automation department, the question was clearly mapped out and a solution worked out. This project has now been delivered by Lasent and the Province can move forward for quite some time.

About the Province of South Holland:

Versatile province

The province of Zuid-Holland is a bustling, versatile province with more than 3.5 million inhabitants in an area of ​​almost 3,000 km2. It is the most densely populated province and has universities in Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam.

With among others the port of Rotterdam and the greenhouse horticulture of the Westland, South Holland is a province with a large economic activity. All this makes South Holland important for the economy; strong in the agricultural sector, horticulture, industry and services.


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